• Giftpia Walkthrough (FAQ / Translation)

    By Jason Muir

    Hello & welcome to my walkthrough to one of the best gamecube RPG's that ever came out, although it came out in 2003 there hasn't been anything like it since as its a very unique game. Made by a company called SKIP who also made Chibi robo. This guide is only my second attempt at making a walkthrough & my japanese skills are basic so if there are any mistakes, my apologies in advance, it hopefully shouldn't ruin your enjoyment of the game

    The game is based around Pokkle who is the main character in the game, when people reach a certain age on Nanashi island they have a coming of age ceremony which makes them an adult in the eyes of everybody. A storm was battering Nanashi island & Pokkle was fast asleep unable to tear himself away from the interesting dream he was having. By the time he woke up the entire island was messed up & he had missed his ceremony, he will have to remain a child

    The mayor had spent all the islands money on Pokkle's ceremony & plunged the island into debt of owing 5,000,000 Mane, this now becomes Pokkles debt & unless he can pay it back he will stay in jail. The way to become an adult is to pay back the money & have another ceremony, theres also another path to adulthood that dosent require money but to get the true ending you will have to do both

    Anyway enough rambling, time to start.

    Sections in this guide:
    Game Mechanics / Controls
    Characters of Nanashi Island
    Story Walkthrough: Level 1 to level 2
    Story Walkthrough: Level 2 to level 3
    Story Walkthrough: Level 3 to level 4
    Story Walkthrough: Level 4 to level 5
    Story Walkthrough: Level 5 to level 6
    Story Walkthrough: Level 6 to level 7
    Story Walkthrough: Level 7 to level 8
    Story Walkthrough: Level 8 to level 9
    Story Walkthrough: Level 9 to level 10
    Story Walkthrough: Level 10 to the End
    Extra Info / Sidequests

    Game mechanics / controls

    Time & day cycles

    The game runs around a clock system, depending on your level your allowed to stay out late for a certain amount of hours, they are displayed on the bottom of the clock in the top left side of the screen, if you are not in bed before the clock counts down then the sleep demons come to find you & you lose half your money your holding. The game also utilizes a day & night system where the lighting changes as the day progresses, also people on the island go about their daily buisness depending on what time of day it is so its useful to learn their daily patterns & where they are at set times. Certain missions require you to be in a certain place at a certain time of day.

    Hearts & eating

    You start with a life bar with 3 hearts at the beginning of the game as you walk around you use up calories & your hearts will empty, the less energy you have the slower you will run. You can refil your energy by eating fruits & other food items from round the island or from the vending machines/N-mart. You can carry food round with you however it only has a certain life before going rotten, once rotton if you eat it you will lose more energy.

    There are extra hearts hidden around Nanashi island if you find one & eat it, it will add a extra heart to your energy bar.


    To save you game you need to find a mirror & stand in front of it & press A, then select top option & then you'll see 3 save slots. When you select a slot it will confirm with 2 extra options that you want to save there, top option is yes & bottom option is no, there is a mirror in your house & theres a second mirror in Nanashi town hall in the lobby.


    A = Action ( use, pick up, speak )
    B = Cancel
    Z = Zoom in / out
    Left / Right Triggers = Action ( use, pick up, speak )
    X = Eat item
    Y = Go into inventory


    (from title screen)
    Start new game

    (Option screen)
    Sound (Stereo/mono)
    Rumble (Off/on)

    Characters of Nanashi Island

    The main character of this story.

    Kyappy is Pokkle's girlfriend & and Mayer's daughter.

    Mayer is the Mayor of Nanashi Island.

    Mappo is one of the EE robots & is coloured blue & the head of Police on the island.

    Tao is your pet dog.

    Anne is beautiful girl of Nanashi & also the holder of the miss Nanashi title.

    Mysterious old man who teaches Pokkle about the ways of Tenjin.

    Peevee is pretty weird, also the owner of Bare Male/Female.

    King is the weird fisherman whom you see wandering all over Nanashi island.

    Apron runs the local restaurant.

    Apron's dead husband. He was a sailor.

    Rumiko is the Manager of the N-Mart and mother to Chibita.

    Chibita is Rumiko's son

    Grandbaya runs Nanashi Hotel and is Rumiko's mother.

    Met is the local hard-worker. He does all the construction jobs for the Mayer on Nanashi & is also Rumiko's boyfriend.

    Parter is the local goat herder.

    Yukio is Parter's prized goat. Without Yukio.

    DEEJ is Nanashi FM's DJ.

    Dave is one of the EE robots & is red in colour he helps Deej at Nanashi FM.

    The owner of EE & the of all the Robots on Nanashi Island. He is a

    Galelio is one of the EE robots & grey in colour he is Ejinso's main helper.

    Supernova is the latest EE robot & is tan in colour, his true abilities are unknown yet.

    Cha-musume is the owner of the Mountain pass resteraunt. She serves as a good alternative when the N-Mart is closed.

    Mappo #2
    Mappo #2 is one of the EE robots & looks identical to Mappo but his mean personallity gives him away. Mappo #2 is also the love of Cha-Musume.

    Enseeno looks like a Bigfoot. He apparently is Parter's Dad.

    Osaru is the angry Orange monkey you encounter when going near the top of the mountain.

    Chan is the rich visitor from another country, he's small & dresses in chinese clothing

    SP1 is one of Chan's bodyguards and also the love of Peevee (Yes really!!)

    SP2 is the other bodyguard for Chan. He looks identical to SP1, how Peevee can tell, only god knows LOL

    Story Walkthrough: Level 1 to level 2


    [Nanashi town hall]
    [Nanashi town hall -Underground jail]
    Since choosing the negative choices dosen't progress the story, just select the top option each time to progress.

    Kyappy comes to visit you

    Talking with Kyappy you have a choice of two options, you can alter what she says to you by selecting different options but to progress select the first option each time.

    Recollection scene
    The only way to become an adult if you miss the coming of age ceremony is to pay with Mane.

    Mayer & Mappo appear
    If you agree to volunteer you will be placed on parole,
    select ボランティア活動をしましょう when asked to agree to volunteer.

    When talking to King it dosent matter which option you select as both will lead to him giving you his toy fishing rod [おもちゃの釣り竿]

    You will be placed in a prison uniform & your face mosaiced out
    (While on parole your walking speed will be restricted due to the ball & chain)
    [Nanashi town hall 1F:- Lobby]
    Mappo will follow you as your probation officer

    [Fountain square]
    Volunteer activities
    Pick up & give Mappo all 12 pieces of rubbish in the town square.
    Out of the rubbish you find there will be a picture of Ziggy.

    Automatically move to, [Nanashi town hall]
    [Nanashi town hall]
    [Nanashi town hall- 2F: Mayers office]
    Mayers talk is loooooong, just agree to all of his speech by selecting the first option each time, as if you try to disagree he will keep going on & on.

    You need 5,000,000 mane to redo the coming of age ceremony. Mayer will ask you to raise the funds select the top option to consent, refusing will get you nowhere as he will just keep pestering you till you agree.

    Mayer gives you the Mane card (マネカード)
    (The ball & chain is now removed)
    Move automatically to [Nanashi town hall 1F: Lobby]
    [Nanashi town hall 1F: Lobby]

    The ATM machine will be explained to you.

    Any mane you pay into the ATM can't be gotten back so only pay in what you need. To use the mane card just hold it in your hands & go over to the machine & press A

    The total in white is your current mane balance.
    The total in yellow is how much of your current debt you still owe.
    The total in red is the grand total of how much you have paid off all together.

    Move automatically to [Pokkle's house] & sleep
    [Pokkle's house]
    You will be woken up by Kyappy, answer all her questions with the first option as if you answer negatively you will get slapped.

    Go outside your house, Tao
    Go talk to Tao.

    After a meal every morning Tao likes to take a walk, he will pee on a certain tree, if you check this tree when it's raining you will see something interesting grow.

    Part time job, [Repair the sign posts] (See extra information / side quests)

    If you already have 10,000 mane before taking the job then the job expires & you can no longer do it.

    After completing the job you will be given 5000 mane. (The remaining 5000 can be raised by fishing in the fountain & selling them at the N-mart)

    [Nanashi town hall]
    [Nanashi town hall- 1F: Lobby]

    Pay the 10,000 mane into the ATM using the Mane card.

    [Nanashi town hall- 2F: Mayer's office]
    Show Mayer the (Mane card).

    The travel restriction will now be lifted, you can now explore the areas beyond your house. You will be automatically given Mayers picture.

    The instant camera that was out of stock at the N-mart will come back in stock from the next day.

    [Fountain square]
    Mappo & King have a face off at the fountain.

    Fishing in the fountain is temporarily prohibited.

    When one night has passed, Met will tell you that the way to the beach district and the lighthouse nearby to Nanashi FM. will be soon unblocked (He's to the south of fountain square)
    [Tenjin shrine]
    Talk to Ziggy who is praying in front of the shrine stone. (the shrine is to the right of your house)

    [Ziggy's house]
    Give Ziggy a frozen mushroom & he will tell you about the [Mizuiro mushrooms]. Place any mushroom in your fridge overnight & it will turn into a frozen one.

    Mizuiro mushrooms only appear while its raining & only in certain places, they grow in little hollow gaps that are around the island, the tree that Tao pees on next to the shrine steps has one grow in it. (You can sell these mushrooms for 10,000 at the N-mart)

    Show Ziggy Mayer's picture & he will give you a talk.
    Automatically move, [Nanashi town hall- F2: Mayer's office]
    [Mayer's office]
    After talking with Mayer he will give you the (Chest key).

    At fountain square, fishing is now permitted again

    [Pokkle's house]
    Use the chest key to open the chest under the tv to get Kyappy's picture & 800 mane.

    You can use the chest to save upto 10,000 mane

    [Ziggy's house]
    Mappo will try to stop you going up to his house.

    A minigame will start where you have to have to guess which direction Mappo will lunge & select a different direction to his, if you choose the same as him he will block you, the options are.. Left [ひだり] Centre [まんなか] Right [みぎ]

    [Ziggy's house
    Talk to Ziggy & keep selecting the top option, after a cutscene you will be in Kyappy's room, pick up the hope container & talk to her to fill it with her wish.

    You can now get hope containers from the shrine if you offer fruits or mushrooms to the box in front of the stone till all ten of the little statues are flashing.

    Automatically move [Pokkle's house]
    [Pokkle's house]
    Make offerings to the shrine box till you get a hope container.

    Wish: Chase after Tao
    Show Chibita a empty hope container & he will tell you he wants his ball back. Now chase down Tao to get it back, you will have to sneak up on him from the opposite direction to catch him. When you catch him show him chibita's hope container & select first option to get the ball back. Then give Chibita his ball.

    [Nanashi mart (N-mart)]
    Talk to Chibita playing with his ball outside
    (Rumiko vs Met event started)

    [Nanashi mart]
    Wish: Someone help
    Go inside the mart & use a empty hope container on Rumiko, she will tell you she wants Met to leave. Goto the west side of town & show Rumiko's hope container to Mappo who should be outside the front of Mayer's house.

    Nanashi mart will be temporary closed until Nanashi hotel is visited.

    [Nanashi hotel]
    Talk to Grandbaya twice till she reads your fortune, then show her a empty hope container.

    Wish: Find Grandbaya's disaster headbands
    Grandbaya will give you the hotel room key, goto room 202 & open the window. You will see Grandbaya's headbands fall from the washing line. Go outside & collect all 4 off the floor to the right of the hotel & retun them to Grandbaya, then return the hotel key to her.

    [Tenjin Shrine]
    Place the three full hope containers into the stone at the shrine, after you have given it 3 you will be increased to level 2 where your allowed to stay out a bit later.

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep

    Story Walkthrough: Level 2 to level 3

    Part time job, [Frog collection] (See extra information / side quests)

    Wish: Looking for a waitress
    Apron is looking for a waitress to help in her kitchen. After 17:30pm go see apron at her resteraunt, she will be stood on the porch outside. Show her a empty hope container & she will wish for a waitress then give you a job application form. The girl who is looking for a job is Anne, during the day she is usually on the beach subathing under a tree & later on she is in the town hall near the notice board. Before you can complete Apron's wish you will have to complete Anne's wish first.

    Wish: Get Anne's picture
    Anne is looking for a job, show her the job application form Apron gave you, she will mention that she dosent have a picture for the form. Follow her to her house on the left side of the beach & show her a empty hope container. She will look at the poster on the wall & remark about how she wants to have the picture taken there. The location is doughnut rock which is just outside of Nanashi hotel, look for an area with a signpost & 3 red flowers. You will need a instant camera so goto the N-mart & buy one then go meet Anne at doughnut rock. Take out the camera & use it on her to take the picture. Follow Anne to Apron's kitchen & watch the conversation, Aprons hope container will then be filled.

    [Nanashi town hall- 2F: Mayer's office]
    As you approach a conversation is heard from inside Mayer's office, go in & listen to what Mayer & Enjinso have to say, just keep selecting the top option then when he leaves go over & talk to Mayer & select the top option each time he asks.

    [Pokkle's house] The area just to the left
    Conversation between Enjinso & King.

    Gourd pond is now open, it's the fishing area thats fenced off to the left of Pokkle's house.

    [Gourd pond]
    Speak to King & select top option, then show him a empty hope container.

    Wish: Tasty food to eat
    King is hungry & wants something to eat, goto Apron's kitchen & go over to the counter & order a stamina bento for 1000 mane (top option) then go back to King & give it to him.

    Earthquake occurs
    King leaves [Gourd pond]
    Nanashi FM broadcasts a earthquake news report.
    As you leave [Gourd pond] the damage is reported over the radio.

    You can now enter Parter's house.

    [Pokkle's house] nearby
    Tao runs up to you
    Speak to Kyappy

    Go up towards Ziggy's house & you will see the landslide, Enjinso appears.

    Wish: Woof Woof, Here!
    Tao will be the only one left at the landslide & he wants to help, show him a empty hope container. Follow him inside & work your way up till you find him then select the first option to dig, you will find a bone & a mysterious egg. Tao takes the bones from you thus completing his wish.

    The sale of Ejipon starts at [EE] (See extra information / side quests)

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Place all 4 hope containers into the stone at the shrine.
    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep.

    Story Walkthrough: Level 3 to level 4

    [Pokkle's house]
    The strange egg you found is now on your bed.

    N-mart is temporarily closed.

    The last of the earthquake damage will be reported by Nanashi FM.
    [Nanashi town hall]
    [Nanashi town hall: 1F]

    Rumiko picks a fight with Peevee
    [Nanashi town hall: 3F Library]
    Speak to Mayer & read the book of how to preform tenjin (tenjin is the way of granting wishes, using hope containers)

    Don't run in the library or you will be penalized

    Rumiko goes on a rant.
    Speak to Peevee behind the notice board & select the top option.
    Wish: Substitute delivery person
    Rumiko is in front of the prision door & wants to give Met a present but she can't go through with it. Show her a empty hope container, she will give you a disaster headband to give to Met & 5 cup noodles for yourself. Go downstairs to the jail & give Met the headband.

    When the wish is complete Nanashi mart will reopen

    [Goat Shed]
    Speak to Parter

    Wish: Something to eat meeeeeh
    Parters goat Yukio is hungry & wants something to eat, show him a empty hope container then find him some food. He eats paper so this ones easy, theres 2 things you can use. Either buy some toilet paper from the N-mart or goto your room & tear a page from the book thats on your table.

    Wish: A drink before eating
    First thing as you wake up in the morning, Kyappy is sat outside your house, show Kyappy a picture of Mayer. Then at 17:00 goto Mayer's house & talk to him & show him Kyappy's picture then select the top option. Then show him a empty hope container, you will need to bring him a Ume drink. Goto Peevee's bar & show him Mayer's hope container, he will give you a list of drinks, the Ume drink is the third option. Go back & give it to Mayer & select top option.

    Wish: Turn the jewel into mane
    Mayer needs some cash so he takes a jewel to sell from Kyappy's room that belonged to her mother. You need to sell the jewel to Met but he is still in jail so this is a 2 part wish. Show Mayer a empty hope container & he will hand over the jewel to you.

    Wish: Go get my secret savings
    Goto the jail & show Met the jewel, you will need to then show him a picture of Rumiko. (if you dont have one of her then go buy a instant camera from the N-mart & use it on her to get a picture) After showing him Rumiko's picture select the top option, then show him a empty hope container. He will ask you to go get his savings from his house. Mets house is on the east side of the island, the path that leads to it is in between N-mart & Apron's kitchen. The door is locked so use the window round the left side to get in (keep pressing A while walking round the left side till you get an option, then select the top option to get in).

    The money is inside the chest of drawers but it will only open with a set combination (the first option is left & the second option is right) The combination you need to use is.....Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right it will open & give you Met's money bag. Now go back to the jail & give Met the jewel, then go back to Mayers mansion & give him Met's money bag (Mayer will either be in the dining room or upstairs in his room).

    [EE] (Ejinso's electronics) Building to the left of [Gourd pond]
    Speak to Mappo then show him a empty hope container.

    Wish: Please take my money
    Mappo can't get into see Ejinso so he gives you the money that Mayer gave to him to pass on to Ejinso, to get inside you need to ring the bell then answer the following questions.

    First option, third option, third option, second option, third option, then when your asked your name select the top option & then top option again.Once your inside give Ejinso the money bag Mappo gave you, select top option then go back out & talk to Mappo.

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Place all six full hope containser into the shrine stone

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep

    Walkthrough: Level 4 to level 5

    [Pokkle's house]
    The strange egg will start to hatch, select top option & it will hatch into a bird & sit on your head.

    Nanashi FM reports that Met has been released from jail.

    Wish: Purify at the water
    It's time to turn Ziggy back to human form, goto Ziggy's house & you should see him running round (he's the chicken in case you forgot) Go over & show him a empty hope container. He will go stiff & you can pick him up (if you drop him by accident just show him his hope container & you will be able to pick him up again). Now go down to the beach & goto the left where the pier is, there is a little platform bit that sticks out just as your going up the steps, throw Ziggy into the sea from this point, select top option & he should return to human form.

    Ziggy will now talk to you, select the 3rd option (Ask about the mysterious egg) to continue the story.

    [Ziggy's house]
    Talk to Ziggy & keep selecting top option till the conversation is finished.

    Goto your house & sleep as the next bit won't happen unless you start from a new day.

    [Fountain square]
    Wish: More light please
    Anne needs someone to help keep the spotlight on her, go to the stage area at [Fountain square] at 22:00 & show Anne a empty hope container, you now have to use the control stick to keep the light on her as she does her routine.

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep

    First thing in the morning chat to Kyappy outside your house & select top option she wiill then go down to [Fountain square]. Head to fountain square & wait around till 12:00 then walk around the fountain, hopefully Deej, will put out an announcement via the radio that the guest she was going to interview didnt turn up. (It seems tricky to trigger this event, you need to make sure your walking round near either the fountain's left or right hand side or it wont trigger i can't 100% fathom out what exactly triggers the cutscene but it seems to be that)

    Follow the footprints to the right & talk to Dave (He looks like Mappo but is red) keep answering top option & after he has finished talking show him a empty hope container.

    Wish: The guest left
    Automatically move to Nanashi FM

    [Nanashi FM]
    Goto Deej's booth & then select top option to start the interview. The answers to her questions are as follows.....
    Q1. Answer 2nd option
    Q2. Answer 3rd option
    Q3. Answer 1st option
    Q4. Answer 3rd option
    Q5. Answer 2nd option
    Q6. Answer 1st option

    You can now enter Nanashi FM whenever you like.

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Place all 3 full hope containers into the shrine stone.
    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep.

    Story Walkthrough: Level 5 to level 6

    [Pokkle's house] Outside
    Tenjin puppy appears (In front of Tao's kennel)
    Select top option when asked.
    You will then try to do 3 tricks with the tenjin puppy, select each new option as it appears.

    Wish: Teach me tricks
    Tao wants to learn some tricks after seeing the tenjin puppy do them, go over to Tao & show him a empty hope container. Goto the stage in fountain square & talk to Tao. You will have to do 3 tricks, they are pretty easy just input the commands you see on the screen, after getting one correct select top option to progress to the next.

    [Pokkle's house]
    After sleeping go outside & Ziggy will be there, talk to him & choose the following options to progress the story, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1

    [Fountain square]
    Speak to Ziggy who is near the stage & select top option, then after the scene has finished go over & show him a empty hope container.

    Wish: Invite everybody
    Ziggy wants people to listen to what he has to say about the Tenjin, you will need to find 6 people to come to fountain square
    Chibita: He's already there
    Peevee: Chat to Peeve & select 2nd option, 1st option, 1st option
    Rumiko: Chat to Rumiko & select 2nd option,1st option, 2nd option, 2nd option, 1st option, 1st option
    Granbaya: Show her Ziggys picture & get her to tell his fortune, 1st option twice
    Anne: Chat to Anne & select 1st option,1st option, 2nd option
    Kyappy: Chat to kyappy & select 1st option, 1st option & get ready to be slapped

    To get certain people to agree to see Ziggy you will need to show them his hope container, then answer their questions correctly. If Anne is at work she wont talk to you & you'll have to wait till shes finished working for the day. Kyappy won't agree right away even when you select the correct options, she is worried about her father been mad at her for going.

    Goto your house & sleep then go down to [Fountain square] & you will see Kyappy turned up after all, now that you have all 6 there go talk to Ziggy

    After he's finished talking Ziggy is arrested.

    Starting conditions
    Make sure you have a empty hope container on you.

    [Bar Male/Female]
    From 22:00 at [Bar Male/female] talk to Peevee & agree to help, top option.
    (Dosen't have to be exact time)

    Peevee asks you to go make sure the toilet is ok, go into toilet & check both the toilet & the toilet paper.

    Go outside & collect the entrance fee from everybody in line
    (Ann dosen't have to pay, 2nd option)

    Goto Peevee & give him the money (18000 mane)

    After speaking to everyone, speak to Mayer (he will then go into the toilet).

    Speak to Rumiko to hear about Mayers past (top option).

    Speak to Peevee & have a milkshake battle (It's done twice), after winning speak to Deejay & show her a empty hope container.

    You have to rotate the control stick 100 times within 10 seconds, use the yellow C stick instead as its easier to get it done.

    Wish: I need the toilet
    Deej needs the toilet bad after all those milkshakes, go over to the door & select the top option. Now keep hammering the A button till the door opens.

    Go inside the toilet & speak to Mayer, keep choosing options till he stops talking, the scene will cut back to the bar.

    [Apron's kitchen]
    Apron is found collapsed in front of her kitchen, go over & select 1st option to revive her, she mentions that she saw her husband Madross (who is dead) & thats why she fainted.

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep.

    [Apron's kitchen]
    At 24:00 if you turn off the light in the kitchen (left wall) Madross will appear
    Speak to Madross.

    Wish: I want to speak to Apron.
    Show Madross a empty hope container & he will tell you he wants to see Apron just one more time, to complete his wish you will have to do Aprons wish as well.

    Wish: I want to see him again
    Apron misses Madross & wishes to see him one more time, go upstairs to Aprons room & show Apron Madross's hope container & she will wake up. Now show Apron a empty hope container, at 24:00-05:00 (dont forget to turn off the kitchen light) go talk to her & select the top option.

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep.

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Place all 5 full wish containers in the shrine stone.

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep

    Story Walkthrough: Level 6 to level 7

    Tenjin puppy changed to Tenjin child

    Nanashi mart is open but your unable to buy from there.

    [Nanashi mart]
    Speak to Chibita
    Wish: Restore everything to normal.
    Rumiko is on holiday so Chibita has been left in charge but he dosen't remember where everything is meant to go. Show him a empty hope container, you will see a thought bubble appear showing the layout of where everything is meant to go. Just goto the store rooms at the back & get the stock out of the boxes & place it where it needs to go. If you forget where to put it just talk to Chibita & the picture will appear again showing you where you need to place the items.

    Wish: Shop duty!
    Chibita needs to go out but he has nobody to cover him in the store, show him a empty hope container then get ready for store duty. You will be visited by 3 customers in total, you have to add up the cost of the items they buy. Heres the totals you need for each person.

    Kyappy: 1800 mane
    Deej: 650 mane
    Mappo: 1300 mane

    While Chibita is looking after the shop it's impossible to sell anything, so if you need to sell something you can go to the [Mountain pass resteraunt] & sell it to Cha-musume instead.

    [Fountain square]
    Parter is making a commotion on stage as something has been bothering his goats.

    [Pokkle's house]
    Goto sleep, then go out the front of your house near Tao's kennel & see Parter.

    Wish: Please watch.
    Parter wants you to keep watch on his goats, show him a empty hope container. Then at 22:00 goto Parters house & talk to him to start the mission. Kyappy will join you & after a romantic cut scene you will hear a rustling from the 3 bushes nearby. Check the 3 bushes & follow the pattern they shake in. After getting it correct twice Grandbaya will fall out the bush, ask her what she is doing (top option).

    Wish: Yukio!
    Yukio, Parters favourite goat has gone missing, go over to Parter & show him a empty hope container. Now goto Nanashi hotel & up to the 3rd floor & check the door to room 301, then go downstairs & show Grandbaya Parters hope container & she will go let you into room 301.

    [Apron's kitchen]
    Go speak to Apron to find out that Anne has vanished without notice.

    [Anne's house] Outside (Annes house is to the left of the beach)
    Somebody has been stealing Anne's pants, as you arrive you find out who the culprit is LOL

    Useless info
    You can get Anne's underwear which were on the floor, you can put them in your display cabinet for some reason, hmmm sounds dodgy to me LOL.

    [Nanashi town hall: Jail]
    Wish: Freedom for me.
    Ziggy is stuck in jail with the Tenjin & wants out, go talk to him then show him a empty hope container. The key to the cell is on Mappo #2 which is on the roof of the town hall, go up to the roof & show him Ziggy's hope container then select top option to get the key off of him.

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Place the 5 full hope containers in the shrine stone
    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep.

    Story Walkthrough: Level 7 to level 8

    [Pokkle's house] Outside
    Speak to Tao

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Wow he's gotten big, speak to mr Tenjin & climb on his shoulder.

    While sat on mr Tenjin you can finally enter the [Konohate hot springs] northwest of [Gourd pond], to dismount from mr Tenjin press the B button

    [Ziggy's house] Outside
    Go to the ladder & select top option to call Ziggy then select top option when he talks to you.

    Enter ziggys house, talk to him & select top option, then go round the other side of the pot press A select top option to sit down.

    Go down to the town
    The script changes slightly if you go down while sat on mr Tenjin's shoulder
    Automatically move to Fountain square.

    [Fountain square]
    Everyone wants an explanation (select top option for a giggle) Ziggy will then turn up to talk.

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep.

    [Pokkle's house]
    As you go outside Nanashi FM will report that the goats Yukio & Junko have had a baby (awww).

    [Mayer's house]
    Go talk to Kyappy & select top option when they go up to Mayer's room.

    Wish: Kyappy.
    Kyappy is upset that Mayer sold off the jewel that belonged to Karen who was Kyappy's mother, she has run away but she didn't go far, she is hidden under the stairs in Mayer's house. First show Mayer a empty hope container, then go buy a piece of cake from the N-mart. Now go back to the left hand side of the stairs there is a little door under the stairs, give the cake to the door in the stairs & select top option.

    Wish: Return mothers jewel
    Show a empty hope container to the door in the stairs & Kyappy will say she wants her mothers jewel back. To get the jewel you'll need to complete Met's wish, so were done with Kyappy for the moment.

    [Met's house]
    Wish: If your a man win 3 straight games
    Talk to Met & select the top option, then show him Kyappy's hope container. After seeing her container show him a empty hope container. You now have to win Met's dice game 3 times in a row. When your ready select the top option, keep playing till you beat him 3 times in a row, i have still yet to work out the rules for this game so your on your own but all you can do anyway is roll the dice so theres no game to learn as such. After you have won Rumiko shows up to get the present Met promised her, but he has to tell her that she can't have it after all, after Rumiko storms out Met will ask you if he acted like a man. Select the top option & then Met will give you the jewel back.

    [Mayer's house]
    Goto the door under the stairs & give the jewel to the door & select the top option twice Kyappy will come out from under the stairs.

    Automatically move to outside of [Mayer's house].

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Place all 3 full hope containers in the shrine stone

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep.

    Nanashi mart is closed.

    Story Walkthrough: Level 8 to level 9

    [Nanashi hotel]
    [Nanashi hotel: 2F]

    Speak to Rumiko & look at Grandbaya's leaving letter, select top option both times.
    [Nanashi hotel: 2F - Room 202]
    Open the fridge on the left & a chicken will be found inside (sound familiar to Ziggy??)

    Wish: Please help!
    Grandbaya has been eating the mushrooms like Ziggy did & was punished by been turned into a chicken, show the chicken a empty hope container then take it to the same platform at the beach where you threw Ziggy in the water to transform her back.

    [Apron's kitchen]
    Madross's event is seen, enter kitchen & keep selecting top option when prompted.

    [Nanashi hotel]
    Speak to Rumiko & watch the scene unfold (looks like Kyappy isnt the only one who likes to slap LOL)

    Nanashi mart is now open again.

    [Apron's kitchen]
    Speak to Madross's grave in the back garden.

    Wish: Please light up the sea.
    Madross wants you to fix the lighthouse, show him a empty hope container then head over to the lighthouse & Madross will unlock it for you. The lighthouse hasn't been used in a while & needs some work doing to it before it will run again. The first thing you need is a lens to go in the lighthouse. Goto Nanashi town hall to the roof & use the telescope on the far right (it costs 200 mane) & look at the lighthouse after you have finished looking the lens will fall out of the telescope. Now go back to the lighthouse & open the middle cardboard box to get a lightbulb. Go up the stairs & place both the bulb & the lens in the lamp fitting. Now everything is ready, go over to the breakers & pull the levers till all 4 breakers are sparking, the puzzle is simple so im not helping hehe.

    [Pokkle's house]
    Goto sleep

    Changs arrival scene will show & as you leave the house Nanashi FM will announce their arrival

    Approach Changs party & talk to Chang, then watch the conversation event.

    [Bar Male/Female]
    At 20:00 when the bar opens go in & watch SP1 & Peevee's conversation

    [Nanashi town hall: 2F - Mayer's office]
    See the investment event between Mayer & Enjinso (top option)

    [Fountain square]
    Conversation event between Enjinso & Mappo is seen.

    Wish: To be 2 of the same.
    Mappo wants another robot to help him, show him a empty hope container. Mappo #2 is on the roof of the town hall, show him Mappo's hope container then top option & he will show you he needs a battery. Goto Ejinso electronics & ring the bell then top option to go inside. Then go over & talk to Galileo (looks like Mappo but grey) who is at the back & select the top option to take his battery. Then go back to Mappo #2 & put the battery in him. Now talk to him & select the top option to rewire him inside, the puzzle is simple, just rotate the pieces until the path connects to the battery.

    Wish: Find me a police dog.
    Mappo wants a police dog, show him a empty hope container. Now go find Tao & show him Mappo's container.

    [Pokkle's house]
    Goto sleep

    As you leave the house Nanash FM reports that Changs party is doing a island inspection.

    [Ropeway station: Base]
    Find the inspection group at the ropeway station which is in the area to the left of Met's house.

    [Onigiri ravine: Nanashi big bridge]
    Find the inspection group, Nanashi big bridge is to the north of the ropeway station.

    [EE] (Enjinso Electronics)
    Enter EE to see the announcement of Supanova (EE's latest robot model).

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Talk to Mayer.

    Wish: Loves future.
    Peevee has the hots for one of Chans bodyguards namely SP1. Show peevee a empty hope container & he mentions that he wants a special flower to play a game of he loves me he loves me not. The flower grows only in one place on the island right at the top, at the top ropeway station if you go left & follow the path down it will lead to a area filled with red flowers, the one in the middle thats slightly lighter is the one that you need. Theres a catch however you can't put it in your pocket or it will be ruined so you have to carry it all the way back in your hands. Give the flower to Peevee.

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Place all 5 full hope containers in the shrine stonne.

    Automatically move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep.

    Story Walkthrough: Level 9 to level 10

    [Pokkle's house]
    As you leave the house the earthquake event occurs, where Ejinso's dectectors go off.

    As you go outside the earthquake happens.

    Nanashi FM reports the earthquake

    Chan comes & tells you SP1 is missing

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Goto mr Tenjin & sit on his shoulder.

    Wish: Help us both.
    Peevee & SP1 were on a date when the earthquake struck & now they are both trapped under a rock at the hot springs. Show Peevee a empty hope container. You now need to find both Chan & SP2 to help lift the rock.
    SP2 is near the right hand side of the [Ropeway base station] thats to the north of Parter's house, show him Peevee's hope container & then top option. Chan is in front of [Met's house], show him Peevee's hope container & then top option. As they are been saved a second rock falls & they are saved by mr Tenjin, Chan is so impressed that he offers to buy him for 5 million mane. Refuse his offer (2nd option twice) as if you accept it will be instant game over.

    After telling him that you wont sell he offers you a contact to the rights to build Tenjin land instead, select top option to accept.

    Move to [Pokkle's house] & sleep

    [Pokkle's house]
    As you leave your house Nanashi FM will report the last of the earthquake damage.

    [Konohate hot springs] has now changed since the earthquake, there is now hot water at the springs & a new cave has appeared at the back.

    [Konohate hot springs]
    Inside the cave is a set of rooms each one has a puzzle & you have to step on the rocks in a certain order to pass, if you mess up & fall into the water you lose calories, get to the 3rd room & complete the puzzle to get to the secret fishing are. The first 2 puzzles are easy, heres the solution to the 3rd room (Forward, Left, Left, Right, Forward, Left, Down, Left, Forward, Right, Up).

    Enjinso & secret room
    After solving the 3rd puzzle Ejinso goes back to [EE] & shuts himself in his secret room. Even if the story ends he won't come back out so its impossible to get his picture for a Ejipon so beware.

    After entering [EE] & watching the event, go & talk to Supernova (Looks like Mappo but brown) on the left & answer top option & then 3rd option.
    Go & have a look at what Ejinso is working on. Hmm what is he doing in there?

    Wish: Go to the hot spring
    Goto the the right of Nanashi FM & find Dave, Dave wants Deej to relax at the hot springs but he can't help her. Show him a empty hope container & he will tell you that you need to find 2 people to go with her. These 2 people are Anne & Kyappy. Ask Kyappy first, show her Dave's hope container, then wait till Anne gets out of work & show her Dave's hope container. Then wait At Deej's house, when she comes home show her Dave's hope container & select top option. Kyappy will then ask if you will keep watch, select top option.

    [Fountain square]
    Wish: I need a fishing rod.
    Talk to king & select top option, King's last fishing rod broke during the earthquake so he wants you to find him another one, show him a empty hope container. Goto Apron & show her King's hope container & she will let you have the fishing rod that belonged to Madross, go upstairs & it's in the cupboard in the bedroom. Give the rod to King.

    Wish: Show me a fish.
    King wants to see a golden koi, show him a empty hope container. Now goto the cave in the hot springs & go fish in the 3rd room. After a while if you lucky you will catch a golden koi (They are big & yellow) once you have caught one take it to King & show him it (top option). He will want to goto the caves himlself so you have to lead him through the rooms to the fishing area.

    [Pokkle's house] King is wandering round the area near your house if you speak to him he will give you the legendary fishing rod. The legendary rod catches a lot more rarer fish.

    [Pokkle's house]
    As you leave your house Nanashi FM reports that Tenjin land is been constructed.

    [Nanashi town hall- 2F: Mayer's office]
    Go to Mayer's office before 16:30 to meet Met outside of Mayer's office.

    [Bar Male/Female]
    At 20:00 when the bar opens, go in & speak to Met, then as you move near the door Rumiko will enter, talk to her.

    [Nanashi hotel]
    [Nanashi hotel- 2F: Room 201]

    Go into room 201 & Rumiko will be looking for something, when she has stopped looking, go over & speak to her & select the top option twice, then show her a empty hope container.

    Wish: Put on a record.
    Rumiko will give you a record that she wants playing on the radio, goto Deej's house & wait for her to come home, when shes in show her the record Rumiko gave you then select the top option, Deej will say she dosen't play oldies. Goto her record box & search it & you will find a blue record. Show her the blue record & then select the top option when asked & she will agree to then take the red record Rumiko gave you. A cutscene between Met & Rumiko will play out.

    [Tenjin shrine]
    Place all 5 full hope containers in the shrine stone.

    At [Bar male/female] the record rumiko gave you will be added to the jukebox.

    Automatically move to [Pokle's house] & sleep.

    Story Walkthrough: Level 10 to the Ending

    [Tenjin land building site]
    at [Demon gully ravine] around the entrance.Enseeno is angry, go speak to him.

    It will take 3 days to complete the work (Sleep in your bed 3 times to speed it up)

    Wish: That's annoyingly LOUD.
    After 3 days Met will have stopped working & will be sleeping but my god he's noisy. Talk to Enseeno & select the top option then show him a empty hope container. You now have to wake him up by pouring some cold water on him, but you will need a bucket. The way you get the bucket if you don't already have it, is to pay Mayer back 500,000 mane & he will give it to you. Take the bucket to the beach to the platform that you threw Ziggy & Gandbaya off & use you bucket there to fill it with nice cold water. Go back to met & give him a morning shower hehe.

    [Nanashi town hall- 2F: Mayer's office]
    Answer Met's question (top option)

    Wish: Distribute the invites
    Mayer wants people to come to the opening of Tenjin land, show Mayer a empty hope container. He will give you 6 invitations which you need to hand out to, Rumiko, Chibita, Kyappy, Peevee, Mappo and Tao. After giving them out go back to Mayers office & show him his hope container.

    If you want to do other stuff before seeing the ending you need to save before you show him his hope container, as once you show him it the game won't let you save.

    [Pokkle's house]
    Goto sleep

    Go outside & Kyappy has come to take you to the grand opening, select top option.

    Good Ending

    Staff credits

    After the credits have rolled you end up back at the shrine, there still one wish left that hasnt been fulfilled & that is the one Kyappy had right at the beginning of the game. She wants a date, put her hope container in the shrine stone & then and for the rest of the time keep selecting the top option (LOL pokkle becomes a man) .

    Extra Info / Sidequests

    Signpost job

    After getting the mane card from Mayer check your postbox on a morning outside your house for a letter telling you theres a job to fix the signposts (worth 5000 mane). Goto town hall & check the notice board there should be a new poster on the left most space. Walk over and press A then either top option to take the poster or bottom option to leave it there. Go upstairs to floor F1 (Mayer's office) select poster so your holding it in your hands then talk to mayer to start the job. He will give you 3 signposts, you have to go round the town & find the 3 broken signs & replace them with the new ones. when you find the broken ones select the correct sign that matches the broken one lying on the floor then press A to fix it.

    The 3 signpost locations are

    1, To the left of [Fountain square], outside Mayer's house.
    2, Top of the path that is on the left side of [Pokkle's house].
    3, Path that lead to the right towards Parter's house.

    Frog collection job

    There should be a job poster on the noticeboard like before. Take it to Mayer to start the job, in this job there are 100 red frogs to find all round Nanashi island but for the first bit of the job you only need to find 5, you will know when your near one as it will start croaking, after finding 5. Go back to Mayer & show him the job poster to get your reward. The second part of the job is in Peevee's house there is a frog jar upstairs in his room, if you find more frogs & deposit them in the jar it will count down, if you find all 100 you get a nice reward. Also on a night in his bar you can play the frog racing minigame.

    As you hunt down the frogs you will notice that some are in areas you can reach, these frogs will only come out at a set time of day or if its raining so come back at different times to get them.


    Ejipon is the name of the vending machine outside of [EE], after you have reached the point in the game that it becomes active you can start using it. The way it works is for it to make figures, you have to show Galileo (looks like Mappo but grey) a photograph of the character you want. When you show him a photograph he will scan it & the next day the machine will actually start working, when a photo has been scanned it will have EE in the corner of it.. To get photographs of characters, you need to buy instant cameras & use them on the people you meet. You will have to plan when to take pictures as some characters can only be seen at certain events.

    When you first start buying them from the machine they will cost 9800 mane but after you have bought 11 the price will drop to 4980 mane & after you have bought 22 it will drop to 980 mane.

    The figures serve no purpose, you can sell them or you can display them in the Mountain house you get later on after paying your debt.

    Dirt spots

    Around the island you may have spotted small patches of dirt you can dig in, each day randomly round the island one of 3 items is placed in a dirt spot.
    Small gold nugget (sells for 10,000 mane)
    Large gold nugget (sells for 100,000 mane)
    Old bone (Put in Tao's dish for him to eat)

    Fishing spots

    Around the island are little logs that look like seats, these are fishing spots. Each area has a different set of fish, each fish having a star rarity. The rarest fish are *** stars, just equip your rod & then sit down on a log to fish.


    Dotted round the island are Nanashi scopes, for a sum of 200 mane you can use them to admire certain spots on the island.

    Elephant rodeo

    On the roof of Nanashi town hall there is a rodeo minigame you can play. The idea is to push the control stick in the direction it tells you when shown, if you stay on for long enough you might even get a prize.

    Karens field

    After paying Mayer back 500,000 mane he lets you use Karen's field. This field can be used to turn one item you plant into 9, also you can grow the rainbow mushroom. Karen's field is situated to the left of Mayers house.

    Before you can plant anything you need to first water it, you can use water from your bucket or you can buy bottled water from the N-mart, the best times to water are between 9:00am & 11:00am. After watering you will then need to fertilize the field, you do this by putting some hemp on it. Hemp is found in 2 ways, you can either give Apron 10 pieces of rotten food (rotten food looks a funny colour) & she will give you one piece of hemp, or you can go to the flower field to the left of the top ropeway station & pick it from there (theres 3 pieces up there). Now just plant 1 item by holding it then standing at the entrance of the field & pressing A, it will take a few days to grow & you will have to water the field every day.

    If you take any mushroom & place it in the fridge overnight it will turn into a frozen mushroom, now if you plant that mushroom in the field it will grow into a rainbow mushroom which sells for 300,000 mane, however only one grows at a time.


    Theres quite a few different types of mushroom growing round the island, some of them have unusual effects if eaten...

    Brown mushroom, no effect.
    Purple mushroom, eating this one is illegal, if you eat one you will be fined 10,000 mane. Repeated offenses will end up with you in a prison uniform.
    Red mushroom, eating these causes your controls to be reversed.
    Yellow mushroom, eating these causes your har to go blonde for a day.
    Light blue mushroom (mizuiro), these only grow in certain spots & only when raining, no effect when eaten but sell for 10,000 mane.
    Orange mushroom, if eaten at 01:00 it will decrease your health instead of increasing it.
    Dark blue mushroom, from 01:00 til 04:00 they glow, if eaten at this time their potency will triple.
    Frozen mushroom, no effect when eaten but can be used to grow rainbow mushrooms.
    Rainbow mushroom, these sell for 300,000 so don't go eating it hehe.

    Mushroom colouring service

    At the [Mountain pass resteraunt] if you talk to Cha-musume & select the 3rd option you can colour either your shoes or you bag to the colour of any mushroom you give to her, the service costs 9800 mane.

    First find a mushroom & pick it up, then talk to Cha-musume & select the 3rd option, then 1st option, she will then ask you to give her the mushroom, after that she will give you 3 more options about the item you want to colour, they are..

    Right shoe
    Left shoe

    Nanashi lottery

    When you reach a certain point in the game the Nanashi lottery will be available at the N-mart, you will know when this happens as a sign goes up out the front of the store. The numbers are drawn every 7 days & as the days count down to the draw the number on the sign changes, on the day of the draw the numbers will be announced on Nanashi FM.

    To purchase a ticket. (you can buy them only if its not on the day the numbers are announced)
    Talk to Rumiko in the N-mart & select the 3rd option, then the 1st option & pick a number between 000 - 999 (this will be your lottery number), then select 1st option to buy your ticket. Now when it gets to the day of the draw, go back to the N-mart & select the 3rd option if you have won you will be given a huge cash prize, or if you lost you will be given a sticker.

    The stickers can be placed on the lamp posts round town.

    The chicken coop

    Up on the montain next to the cottage theres a chicken coop, if you give the chicken thats there water in the little bowl every day, after 5 days of doing the same thing you will eventually get a second chicken. If you keep looking after them they will start laying eggs, the eggs are special as its one of the only few foods that don't go bad when you keep it on your pockets. If you sleep in the montain cottage for a few days the eggs sometimes are silver or gold instead, these ones are pretty rare.
    Published with permission of Jason Muir who retains Copyright.