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    "Sharp has unveiled a smartphone that doubles up as a robot.The 19.5cm (7.7in) droid can take calls, dance, respond to its owner's voice and beam videos out of its face.
    Robohon is set to go on sale in 2016, but may be more cute than it is practical."

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    So, a month and several tries to get a sim from giffgaff later....gave up and "Joe Bloggs" asked for a sim to be a new customer. Took less than 2 days to arrive!! *****

    I'm going to three now anyway...

    Nexus 5X is nice though

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    Carphone Warehouse got exclusivity on the Chrome Z5 Premium! **** I can't refresh onto it now... so annoyed.

    And their deals are crap. 5GB upfront ?50, monthly ?54 or ?49 a month and no upfront fee... Why have that first deal?
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    Apple have released an official battery case for the iPhone 6 & 6s. Overpriced at ?79, but handy for the extra juice if you really go through that much battery in a day.

    Edit. For anyone interested. I purchased one of these for christmas for my friend. I find all the "hideous" comments being made by reviewers ridiculous quite frankly. The pack is actually quite nice to hold, its made of the same silicone as apple's official cases and the bulge on the back actually adds a nice shape for those with large hands. Battery wise it wont charge the phone from dead to 100%, which is once again a nice bit of short changing by apple, cheap sh**s, but if you have the battery and phone at 100% you're looking at roughly double the usage, give or take. Charging is handled through the lightning port, so all your official chargers are good to go, charge indicator is on the pull down notifications draw. Big minus goes to the headphone jack however which renders almost all headphone useless due to the extra half inch added to the port.

    In short, it's an average product at the mo that needs a lot of work to be better, but does its job.
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    Apple squirmed a little today for once as despite reporting strong profits and userbase for their products the company fell short of its market expectations... why? In short, the iPhone X was a disappointment.


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