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    Killer 7
    Failed to send goods Atari Jag & Jet Set Radio Pashislot!

    Supposedly called Andy. Used "father's" paypal account.
    All details appear to be fake though.
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    Trade unfinished and although tells everyone he is going to sort it, will not respond to traders emails. Trade access removed. Avoid.

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    Big Seany (Sean Smith)

    Various unresolved trades. Trade access removed. Avoid.

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    dotoko - received £50 of funds but did not send goods or repsond to anyone's PMs.

    Address information freely available on the internet:
    55 Royd Street
    West Yorkshire
    HD3 4RB
    United Kingdom

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    AngelsInFlight has bad feedback. Avoid. I'll update with more detail when I get it.

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    Several bad trades on here and on eBay. - Contact mods if you have or need any info.
    Trade and site access removed.
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