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    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I've put about six hours or so into this now (not counting the time spent playing the closed and open betas). This is not Ghost Recon Advance Warfare.


    Some of the old Team GRAWsome have been playing this co-op (on Xbox One) and having an absolute blast. For some of you that will be all you need to know to get the game.

    For the rest, well if you played and didn't like the beta there's probably not a lot of point getting it. If you did enjoy it or love have fun playing co-op then why aren't you playing already?!

    The premise is simple. Bolivia is now a narco-state. There is a rebellion against the drug cartel "Santa Blanca." You are part of a team of special operatives called in to help with the rebellion and overthrow the cartel. To do this you need to take down the leaders of the organisation, starting with the lower level ones and working your way up to the "Big Bad."

    There are over 20 provinces, each of which has a boss. You have to search for intel and interrogate cartel members to uncover their whereabouts. It took me about 4 hours to complete the first province (the one from the beta) which included finding all collectibles and a lot of prattling about.

    There are a ton of customisation options and as you level up you can unlock a variety of skills/items to improve your character. Everything from C4 and frags to upgrades for your drone (EMP, noise, explosion). Weapon parts can be found and used to tinker with your load-out.

    The world has a day/night cycle which can make a big difference in the missions. Capturing a plane full of cargo when it's surrounded by ten men can be difficult in the daytime as someone will take off in the plane if you're spotted. At night, however, you can take a stealthier approach and pick off isolated cartel members more easily without raising the alarm.

    This is an arcade open-world shooter (third-person but with the choice to shoot in first-person). It can be played co-op with up to four people. It's perfectly playable solo with three AI teammates. You can't give the AI many orders (beyond regroup, go to, hold and fire) but not having to micro-manage them fits with the game's arcady nature. You do also have the ability to target up to three enemies (once you upgrade the skill) and synchronise the kill shots which can be very effective.

    It's the most fun I've had playing co-op for ages. Hope to see some of you in Bolivia in the near future.
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    Is there much tactical consideration involved or can you go gung-ho through this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Is there much tactical consideration involved or can you go gung-ho through this?
    Depending on how you spec your character you can choose either way if playing normal difficulty. Anything higher I suspect more tactical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Is there much tactical consideration involved or can you go gung-ho through this?
    As djtickle says, you can go Rambo on the easier difficulties but there are some missions which you'll automatically fail if you get spotted. Others you'll make much harder for yourself and increase the chance of failing if you don't take a more stealthy approach.

    I've put over 20 hours into this now and have completed 22% of the story missions. If you just tried doing the story you could theoretically do it more quickly but you wouldn't get as much XP, skill points, or rebel support which unlock lots of interesting upgrades.

    Still really enjoying the game. The various provinces have enough difference to provide variety and there are plenty of unlockable fast travel points and vehicles lying about that getting from A to B isn't a chore. I tend to just run to anything within a kilometre or so as you can often stumble across something of interest.

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    Experienced the "Tail El Cerbero" glitch last night. You have to tail someone. He is supposed to get in his 4x4 and you are to follow him without getting detected.

    I watched what happened via the Drone. He (frequently) opens the vehicles door, misses and sits on the ground! He stands up and does nothing. After the first few dozen attempts (mostly glitched) it did get rather frustrating!

    There were two of us in the squad trying to complete the mission. After I was left on my own, I had a try and inevitably completed it... eventually.


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