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    Superman Falls's Avatar
    Next: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
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    Yeah, I did plenty lurking in bushes (oo-er) to sneak up on machines or recovery health etc on the Emu-style machines but I've seen vids of people firing two arrows into the eyes of a T-Rex machine before sliding between its legs, pivoting then leaping into the air and firing a third into its chest so approach is pretty open in encounters

  2. #42
    If there was more stealth, I'd have quit.

    But, i does have it's uses, especially in lower levels against badies. I felt like a tank towards the end though.

  3. #43
    I've given this a good rattling now and its tomb raider and the witcher 3 rolled into one, but original enough to hold its own. Probably the best looking console game I've played.

  4. #44
    It is gorgeous. I watched a friend playing it at the weekend and I couldn't take my eyes off it. Pretty enough to warrant an eventual purchase in a few months I reckon.

  5. #45
    Does it get much of a detail/res/frame rate boost on a pro over normal console?

  6. #46
    It looks utterly stunning via the pro and worth the upgrade if you have a large 4K display

    Resisting until Zelda is done though but does make It look a tad 3ds quality

    Always appreciate a good few to fall into once I complete a magical journey

  7. #47
    7/10 for me, amazing graphics and solid gameplay mechanics i just felt the missions could have been a bit more varied and i didn't care for much other than the main story.

    Couid have done with a few more meaningful sidemissions/subplots.

    Looking forward to seeing what they do next with the series.


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