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Thread: Super Mario Run

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    I don't even understand what that link is on about. I did none of that - I just downloaded the game onto my iPad having already purchased it on iPhone, then logged into my Nintendo account when it prompted me to at startup. The full game and my progress were instantly on my iPad.

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    I can't sign in to my Nintendo account on my second device ... says it's already linked with another system.

    I had a feeling the two-device thing was going to be a pain in e ar$e

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    I followed the advice on that link but on my second device I can't link to my Nintendo account, I only have the option to create one. So I'm not going to risk paying another 8 on the purchase screen. I shall delete it and wait until something more concrete happens.
    it worked for me, but i agree, wait as you should't have to pay twice. The fact that it is so tricky is a joke.

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    Can't help but think that paying 7 to unlock the full proper game would go down better if the game would just let you have the first world in its entirety gratis.

    Only 20 seconds playtime of 1-4 is a joke.

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    I quite enjoyed this. Not basic in parts but fun. Found the Ghost houses a bit tricky. It's no Mario World but for Mobile it's good stuff.

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    Is it just me, or would it be totally fair to suggest that Super Mario Run is basically what the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch was this time 30 years ago?
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