Hi all, trying to clear some stuff for anyone interested in a few spare parts. Reply here or dm please. Prices include postage. Paypal F&F please

x6 Yellow 30mm snap in sanwa buttons. On of the buttons the snap in mechanism on one of the sides is pushed in a put, it still clips but thought id mention it. 8

Seimitsu LS-56-01 5 pin pcb connection, with a jlf standard mounting plate. (madcatz /venom) red ball top. used to be in snk machines. Tight spring, quick return. Shorter throw than Sanwa JLF 19

Crown / myoungshin fanta

uses a daisy chain to 5 pin adaptor. Which I can supply. Jlf standard mounting plate (madcatz/venom) Black bat top. Large neutral gate for quick motion back to neutral. perfect for 3D fighters like tekken 30