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    Shadow of the Colossus 2018 PS4

    PS4 Pro. Performance mode.

    Stunning. Beautiful. Haunting.

    The fluidity of the controls hugely improves this release and everything about the world feels like a coherent whole. I've only put about 2 hours into it so far but this worth everyone's time.

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    Yes, I have done the first two colossi. It seems easier with the better controls. I am not on Pro but a regular PS4 does the job. It looks similar to The Last Guardian. The only thing I don't like is the dipped camera angle when riding the horse. I understand that it has artistic merit but it is harder to see where you are going! But yeah, stunning so far.

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    No reversible box art.

    1/10 fishbowls.

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    Was amused by this summation from one of the bottom-feeding reviewers on Amazon: "The game is looking dated, graphic are okay, but why have a PS4 and only get okay graphics, with games like Assassins Creed, COD etc you get the sense of being part of the game."

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    Did the first two Colossi in an hour last night which is as far as I've ever gotten on the previous two versions.

    It's gorgeous!! I must say running it in 60FPS makes me feel a bit motion sick.

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    Did the first Colossi last night along with some lizard and fruit hunting.

    My giddy aunt this remake is utterly stunning. 1080p @ a fluid 30fps is just fine too, smooth as butter.

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    I've done 6 now, taking my time. The collectables are not mentioned at all in the game so read up on them. They only appear in the post game? For a bit of fun?

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    Is it due to the number of times I've played this over the years or is it actually easier now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanM View Post
    Is it due to the number of times I've played this over the years or is it actually easier now?
    Not sure if it is easier, I'm finding hard mode to be tough, particularly on the time attacks.


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