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    Wipeout: Omega Collection PS4


    Bought to look at on a new TV. It really delivers. In fact it does so more than Destiny 2 or GT: Sport. What a looker and what a speed it gets up to.

    Really great controls, seems like a good spread of content (but is some missing from memory?) and just a great package overall.

    It turns out that on every level from gameplay to aesthetics the 2048 game is my favourite with Fury trailing HD for second place. I really like the Vita entry and elevated to the big screen it is just spot on.

    I've either forgotten how to post a poll or I can't see the option.

    I give this a solid 8 hoverboards out of 10.

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    HD>Fury>>>>>>>>>>>2048 for me.

    Just started playing it myself and its absolutely stunning on the big screen, the only thing I wish for is that they add an option to totally remove the HUD and it makes it so much more immersive that way. Plays phenomenally though, so silky smooth and the DS4 is just perfect in this instance and makes me realize how much of a difference those analog sticks/triggers make from the DS3.

    Visually I found 2048 to be so messy, its like they'd thrown every single gimmick in the book at it and sometimes you can't even tell where the track is as there is so much going on plus the HD/Fury tracks themselves are so much better. Really looking forward to the VR version once the goggles drop to 150 but in the mean time I think I might have to get a set of regular 3D glasses for my set and see how that plays out, anyone tried that? If so is it worth it? Does it add to the experience as I don't use 3D at all for anything.

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    I can totally see where you are coming from, I suspect 2048 is an easy jump in point for me and totally echo your comments on the DS4. I feel like you can airbrake gently but I'm sure it is just my imagination playing tricks on me.

    Hadn't even realised this was getting a VR update so that is amazing news. It will be a total face melter.


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