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    Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4

    Ok so I thought Iíd carry on my game last night after buying it a month or so back, putting in a few impressive hours then leaving it. So far so awesome, trapping machines, collecting parts and upgrading various bits as I go round what is essentially training, Iím enjoying it all so mop up all the secondary missions etc.

    Finishing all that I move onto the brave trials, do the first part and then the ambush happens.

    F**K ME DEAD this is some of the worst design Iíve seen in years this ambush. Fire arrows that are almost 1 hit kills, boss has a Gatling gun plus an almost invincible lackey, they glitch through the shock trap rope, plus your trapped until you kill them.

    Awful awful design and instantly turned me off the game for good. Done. Out. Finished.
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