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Thread: Dark Souls III

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    Dark Souls III

    Couldn't find the old thread, please delete if I'm an idiot.

    So I'm all but done on NG, second character a sorcery build as I gave up on my first dex character @ Cathedral Deep. I may revisit him at some point! Have finished the first DLC, halfway through the second one, not sure how much I'll go on as I'm struggling on

    Halflight Spear of the Church

    it's a very annoying fight for me.

    ATM am doing my grind for convenants ; dregs were easy - job done there no worries, the wolf's blood one as well, not too bad as I combined this with the pale tongue one by sitting back and watching the darkwraiths take out the baddies for me in Farron Keep! Currently doing the shackle one by invading. Man I'm so rubbish at PVP it's taking me a while. Hit detection and lag are big issues for me, I get hit contstantly when the weapon doesn't go anywhere near me. It's very annoying. There's also the issue where about 3 blokes just gank you in 1 second. Anyway I'm almost at 20 so not too many more to go. A lot of the time I sit back and watch good red or Aldritch phantoms do the job for me and bam, DUTY FULFILLED! I've actually managed to beat a few peeps mano a mano which is probably more luck than anything.

    After that only the Darkmoon one to go, I tried waiting to be summoned as Darkmoon as well, it's very hit and miss. This is the area of the game that for me is just not right. The auto summoning is completely broken forcing you to grind and farm items.

    Cannot wait to get this tedious farming out of the way and onto NG+.

    I am loving the game overall, I can see me ploughing at least another 100 hours into this.

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    Don't give up! You're very near the end of the Ringed City and its final boss is one of the best in the entire series and up there with Black Dragon Kalameet from the original Dark Souls. The boss you're struggling with is a player controlled boss (i.e it's a human player you're battling), consequently its difficulty can vary massively depending on the boss player's soul and skill level. Keep at it.

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    I must get back into DSIII. I'd moved onto another game just after starting NG+ when the dlc arrived ... then lost further momentum having to grind in order to be strong enough for the dlc.

    I had no idea there was another Old Monk style encounter in DSIII. That was such a battle of attrition in Demon's Souls due to the different healing system.

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    I have this weird relationship with Souls games where I've played most of them to death, loved them immeasurably, and done most everything in them at release, but have never played any DLC for any of them (bar Bloodborne). I do feel like I should come back to this though, as I've heard some great things about some of the added bits - the big worry being that I'm going to be rusty, my gear's probably been nerfed, and that I'll be at NG+++ (at least) for the tough bits. Bah!

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    Don't worry about being rusty. Rustiness is temporary. A few hours back in the saddle and you'll be good to go. The game still has a massive online community, and the DLC areas in particular are heavily populated so you'll be getting the full experience. The Ringed City DLC alone, which just happens to features some of the finest level design in the series and is an out-and-out masterpiece, added another 150 hours and counting to my playtime. Whether you're PVPing or co-opping, it's just such a hardcore area. I say go for it.


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