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    Superhot and Superhot VR

    Just played the first 7 levels of Superhot VR (Vive).

    OMG I'M NEO.

    There was a moment when I did the leaning over backwards thing. And then squeezed between a few bullets and took out the bad guy with an ashtray. Utterly mesmerising. Even the little starting room where you "put on the VR headset" is incredible to look around at.

    The basic levels can be completed in an hour, but can you do it without using guns? After that, there are TT modes, infinite mode and others. Not tried any of those yet though.

    Unlike Superhot, the VR version doesn't let you run around, although you can move around in your box. Taking out a few enemies moves you down the corridor or whatever.

    For those who haven't seen either yet, it's a FPS where you have to dodge bullets. You do this by stopping time. Time only moves when you do. The faster you move the faster time moves. Bullets come at you very fast when moving normally, but when moving slowly you can just about duck around or under them. Or shoot them out of the sky!

    Great visuals, great fun.

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    I don’t have VR but I have played Superhot and love it and I can only imagine how great that game would be in VR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    I don’t have VR but I have played Superhot and love it and I can only imagine how great that game would be in VR.
    See that bit at 8 seconds into the trailer at the airport security gate and he ducks around the bullet, watching it go past? Yeah, it's that.

    Hiding behind pillars and poking your head out. Ducking down and shooting them in the legs. Thrusting a knife into their glowing red torso and repeatedly stabbing them.... er.. Yeah. anyway. Oh and slicing a bullet with a knife.

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    I really need to dip in now. The thing is I need a dabble before I make the jump.

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    It's an expensive toy. Not something you'd want to spend all day in. We only got it because my boy asked everyone for money for Christmas and birthday. And got it 2nd hand from cex. Otherwise, no way.
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    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    Yeah played this in PSVR last weekend and had a blast. Only got a PSVR as the missus got it in Black Friday sale for 249 squids. Excellent game though, the post it note achievements / trophies are great. They flutter down mid game and you can even catch them and read them.

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    I have superhot and played most of it in VR (Rift) its an amazing experience. But the real fun is playing co-op games in VR. Arizona Sunshine is my favourite at the moment.
    There are some multiplayer games in VRChat, battle discs and some team based capture the flag games. But I cant say these are child friendly as you have no idea who you are going to meet.


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