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    Yeah, I think they are definitely just trying stuff out. I actually don't mind that - probably better they try stuff I might hate than just play it safe over and over and over again. But it's very difficult for them to undo a movie if one just doesn't work out.

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    I can't wait for the Max Rebo movie....

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    In the minority here, it looks ok (i quite Like Ron Howard films), and i'll try see this at the flicks, my fear is they will try cram too much of Han's back story in to a couple of hours, and i just hope they don't try and end the film by trying to tie it to the Cantina scene in EPIV, as you could get a couple of films out of this.

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    I don't see where the negativity is coming from. It looks like a lighthearted romp, a welcome change from the last two films. It's the type of adventure film that a 10 year old will love forever.

    It essentially has a bit of a Guardians vibe, no bad thing.

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    The creators of the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones have been set to task over at Disney on a new series of Star Wars movies separate from the Rhian Johnson trilogy that was already announced. With these and Johnson's other trilogy on the slate as well as other rumoured Star Wars Story movies it's feeling like 1 per year is going to be a thing of the past soon.

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