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    I know it's the standard common response to any site redesign and eventually you acclimatise to the change and don't even notice but The Guardians new design?...

    Damn. It's like gong back in time. Fugly.

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    Working with a certain colleague who I feel is some day going to drag me into trouble by her own doing (lack of knowledge, care and attention).

    I feel so stressed working with her, I just don't know what is around the corner. She is completely clueless in organising her workflow and has no routine or foresight in her work in a patient by patient basis I feel like I am fishing her out of situations she puts herself in by explaining things badly or just not knowing stuff at all.

    What's worse is she asks me so many questions I shouldn't have to answer (and often don't know the answer as its way above my working knowledge and experience) at the most inappropriate and unprofessional times. It takes me aback and makes me question myself and makes me second guess my knowledge and actions which, for my job, are pretty good. And as a not very confident person who is now pretty solid in her job role this freaks me out.

    I only work with her once a week (unless I have to cover for someone who is off sick or she herself is off which does happen on occasion) but it's enough to make me feel strained on Sunday night and throughout Monday working with her. I have stated my concerns many times now and recently some effort has been put in to "help her" instead of me being just stuck with her because "I'm good at I.T." but its not enough, its the basic equipment she needs to put her own time in to get it in her head and just do it.

    She is a nice lady but so unbelievably frustrating to work with I get heartburn working with her.

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    Account hacks

    Received an email yesterday saying my EA Origin account login info had been changed and sure enough I was locked out. The login system offers no method of regaining access once the info has been changed so I spent ages digging through EA's convoluted website pages and links to eventually find a shortcut on a forum that directly linked me to the Help Chat function. It was late but fortunately someone responded after about 10 minutes following the automated service but to be fair to EA for once they sorted it out for me easily enough. Once I had access to the account again I set it up with every available form of security but that basically took me to going to bed so once again no gaming progress.

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    People who clearly don't understand the purpose of there being separate "up" and "down" buttons when calling a lift.

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    Wife was scheduled for surgery at 830 this morning, and we had to be there for 6am.
    Then she got bumped for an emergency, and went off at 930 instead. I have to call at 12 to see if she's out of surgery and ready to come home, then go and pick her up.

    My only real irk is that I had to pay $14.25 for parking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    People who clearly don't understand the purpose of there being separate "up" and "down" buttons when calling a lift.
    That's what I face in my job every day. Diqueads on the ground floor pressing down on the lift panel and getting in the lift to go down to floor A, the basement. When they're on the ground floor, the floor they want.

    I really don't understand why people are so thacking thick.


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