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    It relies on Skill mainly. It has an A rating for Skill and a C rating for Arcane.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    The chalice dungeons are definitely the biggest grind for the platinum; a lot of them are easy, but some are mega rough (defiled chalice in particular) and you do have to farm a bunch to get the mats together. You can do all of it with comrades though, which although time-consuming (as you'll need to clear each area & boss for each player) makes progress more steady and is infinitely more enjoyable.
    BB is one of the easiest Platinums I think. Took me well under 100 hours to achieve. Its my only PS4 platinum so far.

    Defiled Chalice has 2 hard bosses, but they can be beaten pretty much foul proof with the right strat. You don't really have to farm mats, you only have to beat 2 layers of Ailing Loran for Bastard items. Isz and Hintertomb worlds can be completely skipped, and since the change to the co-op ritual, Hintertomb is useless in its entirety

    The fun starts when you have cleared all Chalices (which isn't required for the trophy), root chalices are very rewarding. Got lots of 27.2 phys gems, 31.5 blood gems and Blood Rocks from it. I think my Lost Chikage has close to like 1000 blood attack. It does break the game, I think the Loran Darkbeast went down in under a minute.
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    Played a bit of NG+ and it's a lot easier now that I'm better adjusted to how the game works. Beat the first two bosses with no trouble and but can't be bothered to play on with that character. I've started a second playthrough with a different build instead. The last one was Dex/Bloodtinge this one will be Strength/Arcane which I think will be more interesting considering the items I picked up with the other character. I'm also finding it a lot easier with him so far. Beat the first 3 bosses so much more easily. Gascoigne in particular went down quickly on the first try. A strength character with the strength focused starting class and hunter's axe really does carve through things early on. Having that weapon and a blunderbuss also helps with recognizing Gascoigne's attack patterns and animations. I can see when he's going to shoot, where he's wide open and when to counter him. I want to beat the DLC as early as possible now for the arcane goodies though that will be really tough. It has some of the hardest bosses in the game.
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    I got back into this recently, having gotten as far as the Nightmare Frontier late last year. In the space of the last few months, I've finished it off, gone through NG+ and have cleared every single non-root chalice dungeon. I'm now hopelessly addicted to farming for the best gems with the help of the infamous google spreadsheet. The foetid, rotted, cursed dungeons are so much fun, especially in coop. If Dark Souls III wasn't just around the corner, I could see myself leveling up the best version of every weapon in the game, kitted-out with all the best gems.

    The gem system is satisfyingly complex, especially when it comes to elemental weapon builds. Sure, the dungeon layout design can be repetitive, but the core combat is still in-tact. I'm currently working on a fire build for my Lost Church Pick for fighting against beasts/beast bosses. This weapon has serration damage in both forms, fire + serration = massive increased damage against beasts. Same gems can be used on the Lost Threaded Cane, which also does serration damage in its transformed state.


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