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    Cinema Picture Show - Now Showing: Independence Day

    If I had to say one thing I do which would really argue a case of OCD it would be my cinema list. As a kid I never really went to the cinema very much at all. Doing so was a rare thing as my family had never really been into going and as the old style cinema's closed down it meant travelling out of town and we didn't have a car at the time. So in my late teens it was something that really exploded in my list of likes and I've been a lot in the years since then.

    Years ago I was trying to recall what I'd seen up to that point after a conversation with friends and to aid memory I wrote all the films down in a list. Eventually I had a definitive list that if I lost it, it would be impossible for me to put it back together again. So I kept it... and kept on updating it. Now, it's a monster. The next film that I go to watch, whatever it ends up being, will be the 600th unique film I've seen at the cinema.

    It was on realising this that I figured I should try and put the list to some kind of use. So, here we are with a new thread that aims to tickle your nostalgia bones.

    Semi-regularly I'm going to update this thread with a new film for us to share our thoughts on. It could be your nostalgic memories, review, discussions etc. Maybe it'll be something you forgot you'd seen or think of watching for the first time after seeing the thread. The only governing rule is that we'll be following the journey from the very beginning and in the order they're on the list, which is the same order I viewed them at the cinema.

    I warn you, there's some real duffers in there and some films I'd forgotten existed. But when we begin... the Cinema Picture Show will debut with a true, beloved classic.

    The movie... is about to begin...
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    When I was but a small and much less cynical child my parents took me to the cinema for the very first time. It was to the local cinema which was one of the old style 2 screeners with the popcorn stand and old school decor, the lobby inviting you with a grand staircase leading to the upper second screen. They would regularly play older films as new ones cost a lot for them to get in and it was here that the first film I saw at the cinema was Disney's animated classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    I vaguely remember seeing it a second time there later on as well and it would be one of the few films I experienced there before it began its depressing transformation from classic cinema, to gutted out laserquest, to short lived naff nightclub and finally to its current purpose, an old man haunt Wetherspoons. A sad end for somewhere my Nan used to work.

    But for Snow White it's popularity goes on, what are your memories and thoughts on the Disney classic?

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    It's also the first film I saw in the cinema. I recall going with my dad and older brother. We had a four screen cinema around a mile away, watched many Disney classics there during its life time and now it's one of the 30 tescos in a five mile radius.

    It's definitely a great movie but it's one of the only Disney films I've never felt the desire to watch again since my initial viewing.

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    There's a sense about it of it being a product of its time. Can't remember the last time I saw it but Snow's warbling voice irritated a little. The dwarves are probably more iconic than the lead or the story

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    On to the second film I saw at the cinema and this one kind of is key for me. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade had just come out and my Nan took me to the above mentioned cinema to see the film one Saturday. I was so immediately in love with it that I would go another two times before it was taken off screen. Added to a matinee showing last year/early this year I've seen it four times at the cinema which makes it the film I've seen the most amount of times at the flicks. Raiders is held broadly in higher regard but to this day I find this entries more balanced blend of action and humour to be more appealing.

    Did you see this on release? What are your thoughts of Indy's third adventure?

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    Can I ask how old you are? Snow White doesn't act like a much of a timestamp but I'm surprised Last Crusade is one of your earliest movie memories. My first may actually have been Return of the Jedi, although I do remember seeing some animated Disney stuff (not sure which one exactly, probably Fox and the Hound)

    And yes, I did see Last Crusade on release, I remember being hyped for it several weeks in advance and running around with my friends playing at being Indy. I also rate it highly, probably over Temple of Doom, and while Raiders is a stone cold classic, I've seen it too many times for it to still be exciting. Last Crusade hasn't been overplayed yet.
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    A still spritely 33 The curious entries in this start when I get to films I'd kind of forgotten existed. I got a point of going so often that I saw all sorts of stuff

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    The third film on the list is another Disney entry which would have put me around the age of 11 at the time. I think this was the first time I went to the old Bolton cinema. Disney's Beauty and the Beast

    These also highlight a lost art, the movie trailer voice over man. I wonder what year exactly they stopped using that device? I do clearly remember the BatB hype though, Disney was hitting their revival stride at this point. What do you remember of this time?

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    Moving on to 1993 now and my Mum and my sister had gone away for the week on holiday. Me and my Dad were left at home and so there was a lot of watching rented out films. My Dad had just rented out Cool World and Hot Shots and noticed that the sequel was out at the cinema, so we went to the old Odeon in Manchester to see Hot Shots: Part Deux

    Before he was completely out of his mind on drugs and hookers, Sheen headed out to war for the second time to face down Saddam Hussein, rescue Rowan Atkinson and become his own kind of Rambo.

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    We were in London for the weekend and went to the Odeon Leicester Square to watch was so expensive that my mum still talks about it now


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