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    Next up, another of the Disney collection which continues to highlight my spritely young age at the time. However, we are approaching the time when I started going a lot more. Here though was Pocahontas, Disney was starting to come down from what was at the time referred to as its renaissance era when the Disney name meant big things following a string of hits however they were starting to get out of hand with the updated art styles that never gelled with audiences and packing their films with celebrity voices whereas before casting had been key based on the character.

    I remember Pocahontas kind of being the nail in Disney's run, it didn't seem to work for anyone who saw it at the time that I knew. I didn't mind it but it never stuck in my mind massively in the following years and I didn't see many more of the Classics series afterward. The only one I really liked after was Tarzan which I didn't see at the cinema.

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    Moving us on to the next film we reach the tenth of this series and a point where I'm going to leave this as the last entry for this year and will return to this in the new year as I focus on a different thread next week for a bit. Shifting over into 1996 we reach a film that, in my mind, represents the second film where I was aware of a mass concentration of hype. Almost everyone I knew at the time wanted to see this film as word of its spectacle spread.

    Independence Day, a film of world destruction on a massive scale. That iconic shot of the White House being blown up is burnt into my mind and I remember the VHS have a lenticular cover with that exact shot. Time has chipped away at the effects and the acting and script carries a good old whiff of 90's cheese about it but it's still good fun. One of the greatest movie mysteries has to be why it's taken 20 years for a sequel to happen.

    What are your memories of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblums tag team?

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    What. The. Fudge.

    I could sworn blind my last update in this wasn't long ago. Over a year?!
    I might bring this one back but do it in more manageable batches of 10 highlighting key releases and some of the films I'd forgotten had ever existed.


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