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    Quick gameplay video from the end of last Virtua Fighter Kids, always been a bit mixed on this one as it's just an altered Virtua Fighter 2. Any fans of it here the lack of discussion on it over the years would suggest not.

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    Right gameplay video on Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands, this is one of those collection as a kid was great. However years later once you play the arcade versions you realise how badly off it is. Fairplay to the developers they are actually ports and not emulation. but both games have half their content cut. Rainbow Islands is a port of the Amiga version so only seven Island and hard mode got axed from Bubble Bobble:

    New graphics look nice, once you get over that intro.

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    Huge video just went up on the channel, where we look at the ********* Sega made of the PAL version of Daytona USA, screwed up timer, altered game speed not the same as the NTSC version, all in the name of PAL optimisation. Yet they couldn't be bothered to correct the huge borders that blighted the screen and nor do they adjust the stunningly fast frame rate of 17fps, perfect for a smooth gaming experience. Or not as the case is in the super jerky PAL version. Even a raw unoptimised version of the game would have been better than what we got.

    This applies to most of the Sega PAL optimised racers sadly, they really can't be saved as a version, forcing them in 60Hz just creates even more issues.Still the NTSC version always did play much better.
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