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    Yup - Altered Carbon is the best sci-fi going at the moment! That's based on just two episodes tho - so plenty of time for them to balls it up

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    Netflix have purchased their next film, Extinction, from Universal this time. Though it seems like it may be another studio dumps a flop job

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    I watched The Cloverfield Paradox last night and was underwhelmed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baseley09 View Post
    I'm a super fan of the franchise they could probably spoon feed me cow dung and id enjoy it so obviously didnt think this was anywhere near as bad as id heard, but by a stretch the weakest entry thus far.
    I really wanted to watch it and I always enjoy seeing visions of the future and set design for sci-fi films, but it just felt poor in comparison to the likes of Sunshine and Event Horizon.

    The I.T. Crowd guy will always be the I.T. Crowd guy.

    Also, annoyingly, I've arranged for mates to come and watch The Ritual tonight only to discover "British horror movie “The Ritual” is now set to hit Netflix everywhere else in the world – only the UK and Latin America will miss out".
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    Oh yeah man Sunshine & Event Horizon are miles better still!

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    I liked the arm and worms bits, but it's nowhere near EH levels of messed up and you never really get the relentless of the desperation in Sunshine (in the first 2/3 anyway).


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