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    Anyone watched "The Sinner"? Jessica Biel, so I gave it a shot because I love her look and voice. First ep was OK, although the general bleakness rolling into ep 2 was a bit too much for me. I'm just not intrigued enough to find out why she did it. The detective seems like a douche too.

    Wondering if I should bother any further. ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I really enjoyed it!
    Aside from the usual animé melodrama, it had a lot going for it.
    It's a great concept (like a reverse Interstellar), looks amazing and had some thrilling action sections.

    Dat ending tho! :O
    It was awesome wasn’t it

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    Made the mistake of opening Minecraft and lost the majority of last night's viewing time doing "stuff".

    Thought I'd wind down with an episode of Big Mouth, but ended up watching two.
    Now I'm sad as I've only got one episode left!

    I've really enjoyed the show and found myself laughing at quite a few moments.
    Mainly, I like the characters. These cartoons tend to make their characters a bit unlikable in their quest to be edgy, but they all have their own insecurities and strengths here. It's not Shakespeare, but at least there's a bit of depth to the laughs.

    I watched an episode of Rick & Morty too. The one where they're on a simulation run by aliens trying to get his formula for dark matter. It's probably been my favourite one yet.


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