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    Some dude called Firmino has signed. I don't know too much about him. But his stats look great, both in real life and football video games. YouTube compilations of his skills n goals from last season make him look great. On paper, and if we get 50m for Sterling, Firmino seems like an ideal or even better replacement.

    His name keeps reminding me of that planet in Attack of the Clones where they make the clones... Kamino or something...

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    Really pleased to read that we have finally completed the deal to sign Nathaniel Clyne for ?12.5M. I think this is a very good signing, nice to see another English player coming to Anfield

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    Goodbye Rogers.

    Should have gone in the summer, but at least the club have acted quickly and decisively.

    Klopp for me, tho' Ancelotti is not too bad either!

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    It's the welcome breath of fresh air we, as supporters, have all needed... Change is good, onwards and upwards...


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    Going no-where, certainly not forwards....had this news just came in...I was reading the headlines on teletext and this came in on about page 8! of football headlines!

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    Klopp in. Great news for liverpool fans IF he gets to buy his own players - none of this 'committee' bollocks.

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    Great win today. Nervy towards end. But Liverpool were pretty good today. Shame about the late goals from city. Robertson's headless chick press was awesome lol.


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