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    Going though a 70's rock phase the now.

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    ^ Good tune.

    This is a track taken from Benjamin Zephaniah's new album and it's a good album too: very politically charged with a ton of clever lyrics (not surprising given he is a poet) and keen observations. He's a good man, ol' Benjamin Zephaniah. His spirit shines through... Speaking of spirit:

    Wicked video. Love all the saints n sages.

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    Alan Watts Blues by Van the Man Marrison

    Gorgeous tune. I dig the chilled vibe. I dig the title and its nod to Alan Watts. And I really dig the line "Cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown" which is a reference to Li Po's famous Zen poem. Who was Alan Watts? He was a British philosopher, theologian and author:

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMcK View Post
    I was doing the ironing.
    Are you sure you weren't listening to this:


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