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    Trouble with Rutland Water is there's rather a lot of water.

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    Ah, all the photobucket pics are dead - deleted my account when they wanted to charge 500 a year or something stupid like that.

    So here's a swan photo from flicker to bump the thread

    Swan Song by Marty Greenwell, on Flickr

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    Here's a look inside the undercarriage bay of an A350 - also to check if I'm blue or not.

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    Nice lens announced today, zooms aren't my thing but since it's outrageously expensive (10,999) the rumours around its launch have caught my eye;

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    Something different from as I force myself to make something other than a coastal long exposure..

    Meadow, the cat that has recently adopted us...

    Untitled by Gary Smith, on Flickr

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    The Sony RX100 seems like a nice walkabout camera - would be nice if it had a slightly longer lens though.

    Burghley House in the Morning Sun by Marty Greenwell, on Flickr


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