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    Sony Trinitron KV-14T1U

    Hi, has anybody had one of these before? I was thinking about getting one for my PS1, and I can get it for cheap. How is this TV set for games on older systems such as this?

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    It's a fantastic set. I still have one at my parents that I'll be picking up when we move somewhere bigger.

    I used it for my Super Famicom, Mega Drive, PC Engine, Neo Geo, PS1 & PS2 and the picture was superb, especially through RGB.

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    The one you are taliing about is the same as this:

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    I hope this isn't just a way of you posting your ebay listing on the forum, so i've replaced your link with a pic of the same model you mention.
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    No, I wouldn't do that since I'm thinking about buying one lol, not selling it. But sorry about that anyway.

    I just wanted to confirm with FamiDude that we were taling about the same TV. Now I just await his response.

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    No worries mate, just looked a little iffy two posts in. The pic will make it easier for you to get your answer from Famidude anyway.

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    yeah, that's the model. Only thing you will have to look out for is the image being pushed over to one side, but there is already a thread on here that can sort you out with that little problem.

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    Ah. I saw that one but wasn't so sure that what was said there would apply to this set.
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