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    Tonight's viewing sorted. And a bargain to boot!

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    New Synapse release of Suspiria arrived today ... and if the trailer is anything to go by it looks absolutely incredible.

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    I've just picked up Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Sword of Doom (Mifune samurai flick) and Stalker (Russia SF from the peeps behind Solaris).
    I'm just waiting for the Samurai boxset to arrive too. I have Mushashi Miyamoto on LD but have never seen any of the others in the series.

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    Picked up two films I have wanted to watch for years for a couple of quid at the supermarket

    Saving Mr Banks and (I have seen about 3/4 of it) The Help. Wanted to get Hidden Figures too but no luck in the shop.


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