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    Also enjoyed it. I have a feeling the events we saw post-flashback are going to be of relevance in the near future, and the back story was necessary to explain why he'd do something so stupid.

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    Dean Morgan from Supernatural, Watchmen, The Good Wife etc has been cast as Negan

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    Sat down and watched Season 6A this weekend. For the first time in one flow rather than week by week.

    It improves the viewing experience a lot, made it a lot easier to stick with and I feel like I can ride it out longer. Things that stuck out even more though given it was in a more digestible run?

    -For all its faults the show is staggeringly superior to its spin-off
    -It has literally no concept of how to pay off a cliffhanger ending
    -There is a phenomenal amount of padding and very little in the way of core story
    -It's format of splitting the characters up to follow Group A in one ep/Group B in the next/Group C in the one after needs to end as does the Find Town-Take Over Town-Lose Town endless cycle

    It's like having a series of suspicions confirmed watching it in bulk. Still, in terms of this actual section of Season 6, it was fine, entertained us broadly but very little of proper importance seemed to happen.

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    AMC's boss says they're open to launching more spin-offs and the main show is set to run on indefinitely.

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    No spoilers, cracking episode to resume the season today. Best episode in a long time in fact.

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    Walking Dead Season 9 has been greenlit with yet another change in showrunner


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