• Code of Princess Review - Nintendo 3DS

    When the first Code of Princess screenshots started trickling in, it was hard to deny that the game bore more than a passing resemblance to Treasure's Guardian Heroes. The revelation that key members of that Sega Saturn classic's development staff worked on this title (Han and Masaki Ukyo for those curious) brought with it a genuine sense of excitement and the prospect of something of a modern reimagining of a cult classic. Does Code of Princess live up to that hype or would the Guardian Heroes faithful be better off with its XBLA release?

    The main focus of the game is the single player Scenario Mode. Choosing from one of four characters (with a further four made available as progress is made), the player embarks on a series of quests, the completion of which makes more quests available and progresses the story. A star rating beside the description of what the quest entails shows the level of challenge on offer, up to a maximum of five. Upon finishing a quest, experience points are obtained which level the character up and each level gained awards points which are used to power up one of six traits
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